Make a Habit of Doing the Hard Tasks

Fabio Rosato

0 reactions 2022-08-30

You become what you think of yourself.

If you make a habit of doing the hard tasks, you begin to think of yourself as someone who does the work that needs to be done.

And as someone who does the hard important tasks, then you, again and again, choose to focus on what matters and get it done.

It’s a self-enforcing virtuous loop.

With diligent practice, it eventually becomes automatic.

And the payoff will be twofold: immediate satisfaction and long-term success.

Doing hard tasks successfully sets up a positive feedback loop. Eating that frog releases endorphins in your brain that make you feel good.

The secret of success is that you can get addicted to these endorphin-induced feelings of self-confidence and capability.

Subconsciously, you aim to complete more such tasks because you’re addicted to success. And when you have a success habit, it becomes easier – and more pleasurable – to do the important things than to dodge them.

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