How to Finally Find the Time to Do That Thing You Always Wanted

Fabio Rosato


Always wanted to do X but “you just can’t find the time”?

I feel you. You’re just too busy. Your calendar is jam-packed and airtight. There’s no possible way you can squeeze in this one more item. No matter how desperately you’d love to.

I understand. I really do.

But let me ask you something. If it were the national lottery asking you to go get that one-million-dollar prize… Would you “find” the time? I guess you would, wouldn’t you?!

That’s because you don’t “find the time”. You MAKE the time. That’s the “secret”.

Sounds a bit corny, I know. But as it often happens it’s all just a matter of perspective and prioritization, really. If something is important enough to you, you make the time. No matter how busy or f’ed up your schedule or your circumstances are. If something is important enough, you MAKE IT WORK.

And that’s all there is to it:

  1. you decide if X is important enough to you
  2. you make the time to do it

That’s it.

Practically, that could mean squeezing X in. Or rescheduling / dropping something else. Or maybe reducing your sleep 🙃

Tactics don’t really matter. If you have a strong enough WHY you’ll find a HOW.

Now go do your magic.

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