About this blog

This blog is about

  • being delighted about self development and continuous improvement
  • having fun with software development and tech
  • asking questions and getting better every day
  • being clear & curious & humble and having fast feedback loops rather than sounding like I know it all already (I really don’t!)
  • experimenting with alternative ways to convey interesting concepts (visuals!)

About me

I’m curious about a lot of things. I do a lot of things. And I’m not a fan of pigeonholing. Workise, I’m a software engineer, project management professional, and consultant. Currently, I work (remotely) at Bending Spoons. I love it there. I live in Rome.

I have one main opinion about life, which is that being clear, curious, and humble while keeping an open mind and exploring is the closest thing we have to a recipe for success. Or at least for an interesting life.