A portrait of Fabio Rosato

Hey, I'm Fabio

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Name's Fabio Rosato. But I'm sure you already figured that out.

Born in Italy, currently living in Rome, but I'm actively trying to put my feet on as many different points of the globe as I possibly can.

Here's a non-exhaustive, unordered list of hats I regularly wear with pleasure:

  • Computer Science and Software Engineer

  • Consultant

  • AWS Professional Solutions Architect

  • Project Management Professional

  • Entrepreneur

Skills & Services

No pigeonholing. No "that's not my job". I get things done.

And I can help you do just the same. Efficiently.

Let's build something great!

Website Design & Build


Cloud Computing

Digital Marketing

Project Management



Most of my work is under NDA. And I respect that.

However, here are a few things that aren't.

Personal Website

Everything you see here was designed, built, and is managed with by yours truly.


Complete authority site design, development, and management. That includes website design and development, branding, content production, SEO, and digital marketing.

Gaeta Dermatology

Website design, development, and branding for a successful dermatology practice.


Here's to a job well done!

Pic of Ishan Ayers

"Working with Fabio was an absolute pleasure. I love his easygoing but "get it done" attitude. And the results speak for themselves.
The guy is a pro."

Ishan Ayers

Pic of Ruslana Gaeta Shumak

"Wow. Just wow.
My new site is gorgeous!
I'm absolutely in love with the branding and the copywriting. Love the clean, professional look.
It's blazing fast and crazy easy to update.
Thank you so much, Fabio!"

Ruslana Gaeta Shumak

Pic of John McCaffrey

"Fabio has enough energy to power a small city. His positivity is contagious.
An optimist with a "get up off your arse and do something" attitude."

John McCaffrey

Contact Me

How can I help you?

Do you have a question or are you interested in working with me?

You can contact me on Twitter @fab_rosato

Otherwise, here's a good ol' contact form!

P.S. I LOVE meeting up with people in real life.
So here's a standing offer: if you're ever in the Rome area and want to chat, I'll buy you a coffee, no questions asked.
Drop me a message on Twitter and we'll work something out ☕️