Thinking Your Way Out of Doing

How smart people fail to get results.

Fabio Rosato

August 23, 2022

Let’s not overthink this.

You have an overthinking problem if you use thinking as a form of procrastination.

I also like to call it “procrasti-thinking”.

Most of us suffer from this problem.

Funny thing is that the smarter you are, the higher the probability that you suffer from overthinking. Smart people LOVE to plan, strategise, chart, and map out EVERYTHING.

And thinking is intense stuff.

You may even think that all your planning and strategizing is moving you forward. But it’s not.

Cause, you see, thinking about stuff is not doing stuff. Planning and strategizing about stuff is not doing stuff. (Passively) Learning about stuff is not doing stuff.

Doing the thing is doing stuff.

And till you’re not doing the thing, you’re not doing stuff.

I’m not discarding the value of planning, obviously. So don’t come at me with the same ol’ axe-sharpening platitudes and edge cases.

Some thinking can definitely be useful. But unless you’re dealing with critical scenarios, acting quickly and getting fast feedback is always going to trump thinking about it long and hard without taking action.

My point is – rather evidently – that just pondering something is not going to move you forward.

You gotta act.

And since action is what creates results, you want to cut the thinking time as short as possible.

Additionally, action creates motivation. Not the other way around. So don’t pull the motivation excuse out of the hat either.

Long story, short: don’t spend too much time in fantasy-land. Cut to the action as quickly as you possibly can and iterate on the results.

Now go do your magic.

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