The #1 Mistake We Make When Starting to Build Online

We ask for permission.

I’m sure you know people who always seek permission for everything. The ones who even ask “Hey can I ask you a question?”

But the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than that.

Sometimes the ask is not in the form of a question per se. Most times it is a lot subtler.

And in its most devious shape, the ask is in the form of seeking education.

Taking a course, reading a book, getting a certification… It might seem strange but those often are a form of permission-seeking too.

And I’ve done it oh so many times. I still catch myself doing it regularly.

Maybe I get an idea for a new tool 💡 but instead of starting to build it immediately… I start scouring the web for the best React course as I obviously need to dust off my web development skills FIRST.

I’ve sometimes called this “procrasti-learning”.

But really – from a more general POV – it is asking for permission.

To develop the tool I feel I first need to complete the entire web dev curriculum from the most recommended React instructor on the web.

Basically, to start building the tool I’m looking for the permission of a React guru on the Internet 🙃

Heck, the rabbit hole goes even deeper than that. One could argue that college is an altogether similar but even bigger scheme.

After all, most people still believe that you need a proper college degree to “learn something seriously” 🤡

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think education IS important.

But I firmly believe that how you USE it is far more important.

And seeking permission disguised as a title, a recognition, or a certificate of completion is definitely not an optimal use of education.

And the terrible thing is that once you’re done with it – IF you even get to be done with it – your motivation to do the thing you wanted to do in the first place is completely GONE.

And so you drop it.

And your attention wanders towards the next shiny thing.

And the cycle repeats.

But this ends today.

Being aware of it is more than half the battle.

And now that you are aware of it, you have everything you need to change your mindset and fight back.


You don’t need anybody’s permission.

Now go do your magic.

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