The Shitty Draft Mindset

Fabio Rosato

0 reactions 2022-08-25

A shitty attempt is ALWAYS better than no attempt at all.

Barring foolishly risky endeavors (like jumping between rooftops), you’ll always be better off trying than not trying.

And this is particularly true with writing.

Today I did not have the time to write anything meaningful. At least that’s what I kept repeating myself. But I did have the time to write something.

As I felt perfectionism cramping me up, I felt the urge to react.

And in a rush of mental anarchy I thought:

Just write a shitty draft and publish it. Nobody cares anyway.

And oh wonder, I started to write!

And each time that nagging feeling of not being enough kept coming around, I repeated to myself:

“Nobody cares, Fabio. Just write a shitty draft and call it a day!”

Well, who would have thought, it turns out that it works!

And by the power of editing, here I present to you yet another atomic essay.

Shitty maybe, but done.

And done is better than perfectly not done.

Now go do your magic.

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